I started writing about music in 2015 after taking part in jazz journalism programme ‘The Write Stuff’, run by Jazzwise magazine and Serious Music. I often find the writing process quite tortuous but I always feel good looking back on a piece. Below are some of the publications I’ve written for with links to a selection of articles.

Vinyl Factory

I wrote two longer pieces for The Vinyl Factory. They commissioned me to write about 1970s British funk group Cymande, who had an after-life as one of the most sampled groups in the rise of hip-hop. Read about them here.

I also did a piece that provided a historical perspective on British Jazz, reflecting on how waves of immigration catalyzed its development. Read it here.


I’ve been writing for Songlines for several years. I’ve had a review in almost every issue since April 2016, plus the odd feature and interview. You can read many of the reviews online here. But I certainly recommend subscribing to the magazine or picking up a physical copy in WH Smiths – it always offers a window onto something musically weird and wonderful.

You can read this “Essential 10” I wrote featuring some totemic tabla-fusion albums. My ears always prick up when I hear a tabla deployed outside of its classical context (which is quite a lot these days) so I was pleased to be asked to write this. It took awhile for the Spotify algorithm to recover from the research and stop recommending me tabla music though!


I did a couple of pieces for the Londonist, including one of my only published pieces not about music (on podcasts, about which I’d like to write more).

I previewed the London podcast festival in 2016

…and previewed the London Jazz Festival 2016 (which has plenty of jazz accessible acts you could check out for a way into the genre)

The Prickle

The Prickle is an arts blog which highlights hip cultural happenings in London, NYC, and Hong Kong. I’ve written a few pieces for them including

A review of a Comet if Coming gig

An album review covering the record Atlas by Fat Suit (aka ‘The Scottish Snarky Puppy’)

A review of a Kenny Garrett gig

This piece for Zatu marks a foray outside music into board game reviews.

Check out my review of Burgle Bros – a cooperative board game about pulling off a heist.

I would like to more in boardgames as I think they offer a unique and underappreciated experience. They essentially combine all the cognitive benefits of problem solving and strategizing associated with video games, but they replace the screen stigma with face-to-face interaction with your friends to engage in collective storytelling.


Jazzwise co-sponsored the journalism programme I took part in and I wrote a few pieces for them during that and subsequently.

This review of trumpeter Christian Scott’s gig (where I came across amazing flautist Elena Pinderhughes)

This review of UK saxophonist Josh Kemp (featuring some photos taken by my dad)

This review of British trombonist Tom Green’s septet.

This review of Japanese pianist Hiromi’s trio


A dedicated chap named Sebastian has been promoting the London jazz scene through LJN for many years. I wrote a fair few pieces for the site including…

A review of ‘the new Mozart’ Jacob Collier’s one man show.

A album review covering The Bad Plus’ release ‘It’s Hard’

A review of mysterious Swiss pianist Nik Bärtsch’s duo project

A review of Phronesis at the Pizza Express jazz club

World Music Central

I wrote two pieces for WMC to highlight the projects of two friends.

One piece was a review of concert celebrating tabla Maestro Pandit Sharda Sahai ji. Read it here.

The other was a review of a double-header. The Malian band Songhoy Blues and the screening of the film They Will Have To Kill Us First – about when music was banned by Islamists in Mali. Read it here.


I logged just one piece for Peter Bacon’s learned jazz blog. It was a review of a cracking Marius Neset gig during the 2016 London Jazz Festival. Neset is a virtuoso tenor sax player with a predilection for techy grooves (one of my own weaknesses) and he was playing with the London Sinfonietta , who did some epic arrangements of his compositions. Some of the brilliance of the gig can be experienced on Neset’s album Snowmelt.


I used to work at online music tutorial platform MusicGurus. Whilst there I wrote a few blogs designed to direct attention to our courses. The purpose of marketing seemed to invite a less formal style that incorporated gifs, memes, and emojis – which was fun! Check out…

A list of practice tips (that I think are pretty solid and wish I followed myself!)

A piece about the Hammond Organ and leaving space when you play

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