I’ve been in various groups and started sundry musical projects. Most haven’t been much more than some friends coming together for a jam. They’ve brought me a lot of pleasure though.


Milkfloat was a folky trio formed with my good friends Ben and Richard. We all played together in a youth orchestra in our teens and Rich and I were big jazz heads. With Milkfloat we tried to bring a touch of the experimental to the folk-pop genre.

Squelch Quartet

Squelch quartet was formed from a the members of a jazz quartet I drummed for in university, but with the trumpet player replaced by my dad! We have clocked up a few notable achievements including sharing a bill with Snarky Puppy at a Norwegian jazz festival, selling out the Vortex and playing at the legendary Total Refreshment Centre in Dalston before it was shut down by the authorities (not as a result of our gig!).

Rameau in the Main Room

My most recent project is in the field of ‘folk-jazz’. I wanted to involve my friend Sam on flugelhorn as I’m a particular fan of its tone. We don’t have any proper recordings but you can listen to a demo of our tune ‘The Radical Centre’. It was recorded on Sam’s canal boat whilst a pizza was in the oven (he needs to take it out before starting his solo!)

Encienda Jazz Collective

A jazz-fusion group from my teenage years, active 2008-09. We reached the finals of the National Festival of Music for Youth, and you can hear the entries that got us there below – a cover of Pat Metheny’s ‘James’ and an arrangement of the theme from the computer game Transport Tycoon

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